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Your Property Is At Risk!

Finding your dream house is one thing, but getting it pest-free and structurally sound is another thing entirely. Many people get carried away with other details about the building and forget to look at the minor details such as the building foundations itself and what lays beneath. 

If you are a homebuyer, seller, vendor, property investor, manager, or commercial client, knowing a few key things about building and pest inspections will prevent you from running into trouble.

It’s crucial to get the right team to help you out too. This is where KTS Building and Pest comes in if you’re in need of a pre-purchase, pre-sale obuilding and pest inspection in Tugun. 

Better Sooner Than Later

No one enjoys property problems, whether it is just a leaking tap or a full-blown termite infestation and structural damage. Those rusted gutters, broken plumbing, or rotten windows need to be addressed right away because they could be breeding grounds for pests or cause worse damage over time. 

At KTS Building and Pest, we ensure this is not the case. As certified building and pest inspectors, we identify potential risks and certify your building free from pest activity and point you in the right direction with any property.  

Save Your Losses

You could be forced to buy a pest-infested or destructive property if you choose not to inspect a property or don’t have the right, experienced inspector to do it.

With KTS, our reputable inspector has over 25 years of experience therefore you can sleep well knowing your property is in the best hands. Save yourself from losses down the track and speak with us for an effective building and pest inspection in Tugun or around the Gold Coast.

How We Serve You

We examine all the accessible parts of your building thoroughly using our special checklist. This includes the interior, exterior, roof, and underfloor space. Next, we look at the building elements such as rendering, painting, and roofing to identify any deterioration.  

Afterward, we draft out a detailed inspection report and provide recommendations on the way forward. With our professionals, you have the guarantee of reliability with our timely reports. Also, our competitive prices ensure that you get good value for your money. 

KTS Building and Pest also never falls behind the times and always stays up to date with the latest technology and equipment.

With the use of modern techniques when conducting each inspection, we always ensure a professional and timely service that touches on everything that you need to know.  

  • Over 25 years of experience in the building industry 
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Quality Reporting
  • Fully insured to work in QLD & NSW 
  • Building and pest inspections 
  • Pre-purchase Inspections 
  • Pre-sale inspections 

Keep Out Those Unwanted Guests

Many individuals do not know the full extent or the implications of not having a building and pest inspection for their Tugun property or potential home. It’s crucial that every element of a building to be functioning optimally to get the best and most longevity out of it. 

You can never go wrong by making plans for your property inspection as early as possible. Rather, you will only get more confident because of the leverage it provides you. Make smart choices and boost your property appeal. Reach out to KTS Building and Pest and speak with our experienced inspector today! 

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